post quantum cryptography

The combination of X25519 ECDH and NTRU in OpenSSH 9.x


NTRU Prime and X25519 ECDH in OpenSSH believed to be secure against quantum attacks?

Blockchain Office Intros on Youtube

The new Blockchain Office Intros are online now.

Hybrid MSOOA Architecture

Blockchain Office present the new "micro service object oriented architecture"

Logo Version 3

Announce the launch of our new Blockchain Office Logo.

Shell-Bash Tool V.1.0

The HackBugZ Shell-Bash Tool V1.0 is ready now.

z4o a GNU/Linux

z4o is a GNU/Linux OS, Debian distribution, powered by Blockchain Office

ultracodex a php login framework

ultracodex is now a part of the "Blockchain Office".


Find Version 1.0 on github.com

blockchain office goes online

Blockchain Office | Homepage is online